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What is Medical Cannabis?

Cannabis sativa L. is a flowering plant species within the Cannabaceae family (along with its two siblings – Hops and Hackberry tree).

Medical Cannabis (or Medical Marijuana) has been used for millennia to treat ailments and alleviate symptoms. From 1851 until 1941 it was legally used by patients in the U.S. for over 100 medical conditions. However, for the next 55 years it was banned for political reasons. Thankfully, the tide is changing, and now most U.S. states legalized Medical Cannabis along with many other countries around the world. Cannabis helps to restore normal function of the cells and systems, and most importantly, it helps to maintain the inner balance of the human body and mind (homeostasis). The medicinal benefits are hard to ignore, and now you as a patient can assuredly be using this medicine to alleviate symptoms of related conditions under the supervision of a trained physician.

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