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How It Works – 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Schedule an Appointment To schedule a CT Medical Marijuana evaluation, please call us at (203) 951-5700 or book online.
Step 2
Meet with the Doctor Online During a telehealth video appointment our physician will determine if a Medical Cannabis Card is beneficial for you.
Step 3
Get Access to Medical Cannabis Qualified CT patients will be certified to the state on the day of the appointment. Patients then will need to register for a Medical Marijuana card with the state, it takes 1-14 days for the state to email the card.
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Our Mission

  • Help you improve your relationship with Cannabis by maximizing the benefits, minimizing the risks, and making it more cost efficient
  • Empower you with knowledge and confidence on the way to success when addressing personal health and healing goals with Medical Marijuana
  • Help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life!

Medical Cannabis Health Benefits

  • Marijuana Benefits In CT
    Treats PTSD & Helps Heal from Trauma
  • is Cannabis Relieves Pain
    Relieves Pain & Controls Inflammation
  • Marijuana Restores Sleep
    Restores Sleep & Improves Quality of Sleep
  • Marijuana Relieves Headaches
    Relieves Headaches & Prevents Migraines
  • Marijuana Relieves Depression
    Relieves Anxiety & Depression, Improves Mood
  • Marijuana Reduces the Burden of Pharmaceutical Drugs
    Significantly Reduces the Burden of Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Marijuana Helps to stop Alcohol & Tobacco
    Helps to Stop or Significantly Reduce the Use of Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Marijuana Increases Energy & Focus
    Increases Energy & Focus, Relieves Fatigue

Why Choose REN Health?

Expert Advice

20 years of clinical experience.
10 years of practice in the Medical Cannabis field, including clinical research. Ample experience treating a wide variety of conditions and symptoms with Medical Marijuana

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Compliant & Confidential

We stand behind you and your certification, and strictly adhere to the state laws and HIPAA regulations that protect the privacy and health information of our patients

Medical Marijuana Doctor Virginia

Convenient & Transparent

There are no surprise fees or upsells. Our Telehealth platform uses advanced technology to bring care to our patients in a secure way at the convenience of their home

Medical Marijuana Doctor Virginia

Medical Marijuana
Works Best with Education

We help you understand how and why Cannabis works and what makes it so different from any other medicine known to humanity

Medical Marijuana Doctor Virginia

Join Our Family

At REN Health, we firmly believe in Cannabis and the EndoCannabinoid Science as the Cornerstone of Medicine of the Future! We are deeply humbled and grateful to see this future already unfolding in our patients every day, multiple times a day!

Medical Marijuana Doctor Virginia
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Meet Our Team

Medical Pot Doctor CT
Alex Bibikau, M.D. Physician, Founder

Graduated summa cum laude, trained and distinguished at Yale New-Haven Hospital, our compassionate doctor is licensed to practice Medicine in Connecticut and registered to certify qualifying Medical Cannabis patients. Through scientific evidence, deeper understanding of the mechanisms of human+cannabis interaction, ample practical experience and clinical observation, Dr. Bibikau helps our patients achieve their health and healing goals with Medical Cannabis.

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Marijuana Doctor CT
Aleks Petrova Practice Manager

During her tenure at former positions, Aleks has garnered multiple awards and accolades for outstanding performances, including “Simply Exceptional” award from Flight Centre North America; “Best in Service” award from Bank of America.

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Marijuana Doctor CT
Jessica Stern Patient Coordinator

2016 graduate of the University of New Haven, Jessica has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She has been in the Medical Cannabis industry for over five years and continuously works on broadening her knowledge.

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TeleMedicine Services

Patients connect with the doctor through a virtual visit using any electronic device with a camera. REN Health complies with all HIPAA privacy standards.

Virtual visit Cannabis doctor


Dr Bibikau is one of the most compassionate Doctors around and truly cares about his patients and their overall well being. He is also a wealth of knowledge on the MMP and up to date on the science and medical studies and presents you with the facts not just opinions and false promises. Wish I had met him as well as his great staff, Jessica and Aleks long ago. Everyone is beyond helpful!!!
Thanks Dr.
Sal B.
This is now my 4th year as a patient of Ren Health. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Alex Bibikau and his staff. From the moment I contacted Ren Health for my initial appointment to now my 4th year renewal in the program, Ren Health has made me feel comfortable when I was uncomfortable. They answered all my questions satisfactorily and treated me like family…If you’re a patient in need of a Dr. Who truly cares, and who has made the process to obtain certification very easy, Dr. Alex Bibikau is the one! They treat you like family at Ren Health!
Ryan E.
REN Health and Dr. Bibikau are amazing to work with. I feel like a patient who actually matters to Dr. Bibikau. He is very encouraging of my goals and lifestyle changes. He is very knowledgeable on medical marijuana and what programs work best for me. I have never had any difficulty with getting responses or getting in touch with the practice. It’s refreshing to feel like an actual patient with a patient-doctor relationship instead of a walking dollar sign like most traditional medical practices.
Jenn Y.
Working with Dr. Bibikau was a wonderful experience.  He was fully prepared for our video call having reviewed all the documents that I submitted in advance.  He is extremely knowledgeable about medical marijuana, and I found him to be compassionate as well as encouraging for a person just starting on this journey. In addition, the office staff was very helpful – explaining the process thoroughly ahead of time, working with me so that I fully understood how to submit the paperwork, and sending me the video link, which worked perfectly.
Maureen W.
Dr. Bibikau made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. He is thoughtful, caring, and compassionate. After our appointment I received many resources from his office that were meant for education and I was very appreciative and learned a lot. Get evaluated and get help. Life wasn’t meant to be survived, it was meant to be lived. Bless anyone on this path, may you find your sense of peace. Thanks to Dr. Bibikau for opening my eyes to the possibility I do believe I’ll find mine.
Jennifer O.
My doctor recommended REN. Thus far I have submitted medical records, had a video visit with Dr Bibikau and sent a final application to the state. The process thus far has been flawless. The communications from Jessica and Alex have been very  professional and informative. Dr Bibikau was a pleasure to speak with. He exhibited a very deep knowledge of the subject and answered all my questions. The website he sent contains a significant amount of information which should enable me to purchase and use the products best suited for my medical conditions.
Ed S.
Dr Bibikau and his staff are awesome. They made the entire process stress free.
The appointment was very informative, all of your questions are answered thoroughly. I got my medical card in two days. Three weeks in and my chronic pain level is at least 50% less than before. I would absolutely recommend REN Health to anyone suffering from chronic pain and anxiety.
Frank D.
My experience from start to finish was so polite, professional and relaxed. Aleks the Practice Manager is so kind and helpful. She walked me through the paperwork and made the entire experience super easy. Dr. Bibilkau is very nice and so easy to talk with. He made it a point to read all my medical records so he can absolutely know my medical history. He is very professional and explained everything to me and made sure that I understood what he was saying. Overall I am super happy with this Practice and highly recommend it.
Sheryl M.
Aleks and Dr. Bibikau were very helpful and professional. I had a spinal fusion and laminectomy recently and Aleks fit me in even though it meant she and the doctor would stay late. The doctor was friendly and intelligent. I started to learn about Marijuana in medical ways that have since proven a great aid for me in pain management. The Marijuana help I received also has enabled me to reduce the opioid intake and I’m grateful for the good start I received during my visit. Dr. Bibikau is the best medical marijuana doctor in CT. I highly recommend REN Health!
William H.
REN Health is an excellent health care establishment dealing with cannabis care. The staff is outstanding and Dr Bibikau is an excellent physician with a wealth of knowledge as well as compassion for his patients. I would highly recommend a consultation to discuss any issues with him. He is not your regular pot/weed doctor, Dr. Bibikau goes above and beyond with respect to sharing information, initiating programs and making his patients feel that they are in the best hands. My experience at REN Health was far superior than anything I was expecting.
Angie S.


  • Medical Pot Doctor CT
    What is Medical Cannabis?
    Cannabis sativa L. is a flowering plant species within the Cannabaceae family (along with its siblings – Hops and Hackberry tree).
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  • Marijuana Doctor CT
    What is the Endocannabinoid System?
    The Endocannabinoid System is the reason why Cannabis works on the human body and why it has so many medicinal qualities.
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    What is inside Cannabis?
    Cannabis is a plant of over 1,000 chemical constituents, varying by chemotype (chemical phenotype) batch and crop. Cannabinoids are the most active compounds.
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