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Coming from a medical position myself I just have to say that I was thoroughly impressed.   Professionalism- Way above average. I sincerely wish my other providers were as good as this office.  The level of knowledge displayed by the Doctor and his staff was absolutely extraordinary. If you’re looking for a place you can trust with your overall health and experience this is the place for you. I’d give them 10 stars if I could. Thank you guys for making My journey a lot less complicated! You’re all awesome at your jobs.
Duane W.
I found the information on REN Health’s website to be straightforward and helpful. All communication with the office was the same. Dr. Bibikau was extremely professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, and reassuring. He gave me hope that I may see some healing with therapeutic cannabis use even beyond just symptom relief. I appreciate all the educational materials he sent following my approval and look forward to working with him in the future. If you’re looking for real help with real medical issues, this is the right place for you.
Roxanna K.
My experience at REN Health was extremely positive. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind. They were very organized and accommodating in helping me to get started on this journey. I was prompted to seek REN Health services because it focuses on patients seeking the use of Cannabis as an alternative treatment. Dr. Bibikau was thorough in his explanation of cannabis and its benefits, uses, and indications. I would highly recommend this facility because of the great care and interest they take in their patient’s well-being.
Kathleen W.
REN Health is an excellent health care establishment dealing with cannabis care.  The staff is outstanding and Dr Bibikau is an excellent physician with a wealth of knowledge as well as compassion for his patients.  I would highly recommend a consultation to discuss any issues with him.  He goes above and beyond with respect to sharing information, initiating programs and making his patients feel that they are in the best hands. My experience at REN Health was far superior than anything I was expecting.
Angie S.
Practice Manager named Aleks was very thorough. Dr. Bibikau was very knowledgeable about the care I was seeking. He’s professionally involved  at the national level attending conferences and keeping track of cutting edge advancements. I felt at ease with his extensive background and I was very happy by his personable and professional demeanor. If you are looking for a physician then you should consider Dr. Bibikau. I am not too fond of doctors, however he was able to put me at ease.
Alexandra H.
Visit was quick and easy. Very professional all the way through. I’ve been in PT twice a year for 30 years. Time to try something new. Ren Health made the process much easier than I thought I could do on my own, which I could not have. Dr Bibikau was knowledgeable and friendly. I wish i could convince some friends of mine that have lifetime ailments to also try a new tool to combat discomfort from life’s health issues. Wish I came in sooner.
Joe F.
Meeting Dr. Bibikau was, actually, pleasant. He assured me that Medical Cannabis was right for me, and would help in more ways than I thought possible. He explained, in the most concise way, all the questions I had. It was refreshing to deal with a doctor like Dr. Bibikau. So far, I have used MM and have found that I am able to walk and bend a little more without the extreme stabbing pain that I usually feel in my back. If you’re looking to go an alternative way, in relieving your pain and some of your other ailments, go to Dr. Bibikau. He wants you to feel better.
Eddie S.
If you’ve been thinking about getting certified for your Medical Marijuana card but were nervous about the process I highly recommend REN Health. REN Health’s receptionist was very kind. I had a seamless experience during our remote appointment and truly feel Dr. Bibikau is qualified to consult his patients. He is a professional with many years of experience practicing medicine in the Yale New Haven Health system. He’s also involved in cannabis research! Overall I had a perfect experience and will be back in a year to re-certify.
Tara P.