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How Are We Different?

Treatment with Medical Cannabis is our focus and expertise. As pioneers in the Medical Cannabis field, we have ample experience treating a wide variety of conditions and symptoms with Medical Marijuana. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge and confidence on the way to success when addressing personal health goals, and to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life! We stand behind you and your certification and strictly adhere to the state laws and regulations to provide our patients with legal access to Medical Marijuana.

We provide our patients with
educational material including:

  • Created by our expert physician REN Health-Medical Cannabis Review of Benefits and Risks
  • Our doctor-developed REN Health-Medical Cannabis Guidelines on dosing, routes of administration, constituents, interactions of Medical Cannabis with pharmaceuticals, foods, vitamins and supplements
  • Additional helpful resources (selected websites, documentaries, and more).

Many of our patients Stop or Significantly Reduce the Use of Alcohol and Tobacco

Most of our patients substantially reduce the burden of their chronic symptoms and pharmaceutical drugs, as supported by scientific evidence

Start experiencing Life-Changing results with Medical Cannabis and personally get to appreciate the REN Health difference.

20 years of clinical experience with 10 years of practice at Yale-New Haven Hospital including post-graduate training

9 years of experience in the Medical Cannabis field, including clinical research and education for patients, doctors, and other providers

Whether you are new to Cannabis or not, our mission is to help you improve your relationship with Cannabis, while maximizing the benefits, minimizing the risks, and making it more cost efficient

For the benefit of our patients, we stay abreast with the science of Medical Cannabis by attending and participating in national and international conferences, symposiums, expert webinars, and collaborate with like minded practitioners and scientists around the world

99.3% of our Medical Marijuana patients reported improved Quality of Life (based on a clinical study that involved 540 of our patients, as presented at the 31st International Symposium on Medical Cannabis in Jerusalem, Israel 2021)

Medical Cannabis works best with education. We help you understand how and why Cannabis works and what makes it so different from any other medicine known to humanity

Through scientific evidence, deeper understanding of the mechanisms of human+cannabis interaction, ample practical experience and clinical observation, we help you achieve your health and healing goals with Cannabis

We strive to substantially reduce healthcare industry related monetary burden on our patients, including money spent on pharmaceutical drugs, doctor visits, copays, therapy sessions, cost of procedures including avoidable injections, time-consuming pharmaceutical drug infusions, as well as preventable surgeries

We help you save time for added quality time spent with your family and friends, making memories, enjoying life more, being healthier, becoming more productive and successful in your career, feeling happier and living longer with Cannabis

We help you make Marijuana use more cost effective via improved efficiency of consumption and by helping you benefit from additional molecules of Cannabis (1000+) beyond widely discussed (e.g. THC, CBD) for the Entourage effect where 2+2 is more than 4!

Whether you are new to Cannabis or already have many years of experience, we help our patients navigate the Cannabis field better and bring their understanding of Cannabis beyond the deeply rooted “Sativa-Hybrid-Indica” misconception and onto the new heights

Join our family at REN Health today and share the experience of our patients firsthand that made us realize and firmly believe in Cannabis and the EndoCannabinoid Science as the Cornerstone of Medicine of the Future! We are deeply humbled and grateful to see this future already unfolding in our patients every day, multiple times a day!

REN Health. Making a Difference, One Patient at a Time.